Tipa Mahuta

Waikato, Ngaapuhi

Tipa Mahuta is a global ambassador and holds tribal, regional and civic leadership roles. She credits all she knows to the elders of the tribe, who mentored and supported her interests in the protection of te taiao and the advancement of mana motuhake. Grounded in her home community, her extensive Indigenous knowledge and ability to work within diverse groups is well recognised. She works with rangatahi, in academic and pan-tribal circles, and is immersed in the tribal settlement process with a firm focuson the future. All these combine to make her contribution abundant everywhere she serves.

We are the inclusion of everything that came before us.

Leadership is a verb, not a noun. ‘Do more homework than anyone else.’ ‘Finish what you start.’ ‘Be pono to your kōrero.’ People will remember what you do, not what you say.